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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.… Continue Reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.… Continue Reading

Ever since I found out that there is a place called “Königreich” (=”kingdom”) on the other side of the river, I’ve wanted to go and take a picture of the village’s entrance board. Since nobody seemed willing to come with me, I set out in April/May 2015 – cycled to the ferry, took the boat […]… Continue Reading

When the florist comments that the flowers you’re buying perfectly match the clothes you’re wearing… 🙂             … Continue Reading

Because sometimes winter is just too long and flowers brighten up any dark day.… Continue Reading

An einem kalten, verschneiten Abend im Januar habe ich Dennis und Manuela bei der Geburtstagsfeier eines gemeinsamen Freundes kennen gelernt. Dass ich ein paar Monate später spontan ihre Hochzeit fotografieren würde, wäre mir nie in den Sinn gekommen. Einen Tag vor der Hochzeit hatte sich ihre eigentliche Fotografin krank gemeldet (wohl ein Albtraum für alle […]… Continue Reading

When on a random day, someone unexpectedly pitches with a bunch of tulips…… Continue Reading

As the storms are raging over northern Germany, I could not help but notice the interesting pictures the raindrops painted against my window today. It rained sideways instead of down, and the raindrops against my window made the rest of the world look like an oil painting.  … Continue Reading

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