The Shofar Global Newsletter is out, and it’s all about Convergence 2012 (where I also took some photos). Here’s the link: You can also read my restoration testimony in the “mega grace update” section. I got SO excited when I saw all the photos of the different photographers together. It reminded me of what I thought and learned during the conference: Photography is team effort. Convergence was all about the different streams of church family coming together, but I think it was also the perfect place for all the volunteers to be part of something bigger. During my social work studies I learned the term of “sui generis”, which basically means that something is more than the sum of its parts. That is certainly true for the images we took at the conference. They are all beautiful by themselves, but putting them all together creates a sense of pride in me for being part of such an awesome, God loving, people serving church.

I also want to thank you every single one of you who has encouraged me to pick up my camera again in the past two months. Thank you for celebrating with me and drawing out what God has placed inside of me.


To view the other images I took at the conference, click here: Convergence 2012