David and Ruth’s wedding day was such a celebration of God’s goodness and favour.

I met Ruth about 10 years ago. We kept some contact and eventually reconnected via facebook. When she realized that I had moved back to Germany, she contacted me whether I would be willing to cover her and David’s wedding. Of course I was willing!

They got married at Schloss Romrod in the heart of Hessen. In spite of bad weather forecast and rain just before we wanted to do the couple shoot, everything worked out perfectly, as only God can orchestrate it.

Apart from the beautiful couple, beautiful scenery, and beautiful everything, my personal highlight was the feeling of belonging. I looked at some of the guests, and though I have never met them before, I felt like I knew them. It was so special to be among mostly christians!

David, Ruth, danke dass ich Teil eures besonderen Tages sein durfte.

Danke, Hochzeitsgesellschaft! So viele lustige Grimassen habe ich noch nie auf einmal gesehen.

Danke, Daniel, dass du mir so spontan assistiert hast.

Danke, Gott, dass das Wetter perfekt zum Fotografieren war.


In Germany, husband and wife wear the same wedding bands: