This is the first blog post that I categorize as “travel”. More to come! I mixed DSLR and cellphone images for this post.

Shofar Christian Church hosted another fellowship weekend in Melchtal, Switzerland, this weekend past. I flew in after work on the Friday, got from the airplane via the luggage handout to the train station in 15 minutes (!!!), made a train in Luzern with only one (!!!) minute stopover – and realized once again that God’s timing is perfect in my travels. The day before, the airline staff was on strike, yet it didn’t affect me – again. That in itself was plain awesome.

Melchtal is a little village in the Swiss Alps. The first time I went there, driving up the mountains by bus, I was hoping that my family-friends were not joking about the weekend or the place, otherwise I would be stuck in the middle of nowhere! Needless to say, all went well. The first thing you notice about Melchtal is the breathtaking view of the mountains. It feels like Heidi would pop in for coffee any time. In summer, you hear the cow bells from the pastures above, in winter you see the snow covered mountain tops. Here’s the view from our house:

The Saturday and Sunday, we spent some time in praise and worship, in intercession on a mountain in the middle of Switzerland, and praying for and blessing each other. We also shared testimonies of what God did in our lives through the weekend and beyond – that was very precious. And of course, we had lots of fun together.

Some shots of the people while we were in Switzerland’s middle:

The guy on the left was my housemate in 2005. It was really good seeing him and his wife, and talking about cultural differences that we were never aware of. In retrospect, all of us learned a lot about having grace for one another and embracing things that seem to be weird in the beginning.

Thank goodness we live in the time of GPS’s, but that didn’t keep us from being stuck in the mud…

View while being stuck in the mud:

And the middle of Switzerland:

My journey back was a lot less stressful, but eventful nonetheless. I can’t say too much, but someone blessed me beyond what I could ever expect. In fact, I had made peace with the fact that God blesses other people like that, but in my life, He works differently. The blessing I received wasn’t really about the gift itself, but about the gesture. It was very special to me, because it made me realize that God does see me, he does want my best, and he loves to spoil me.

Lastly, on the airplane, I had a window seat in row 4. My cellphone camera doesn’t do the sunset any justice whatsoever, but just know that it was breathtaking. Seeing a sunset from a different perspective, rising above the fog and clouds, seeing an ocean of red coulds below, looking at the snow covered landscape from above, even seeing another airplane from close enough to identify the airline by the logo!