This is a post of a different kind. Today, 6 years ago, also a Saturday, I spent the day on a LTU airplane and landed at Cape Town International Airport at about 10pm. The flight itself wasn’t that great, but the last half hour in the air felt like I was coming home. Over the past six years, a country that was completely foreign to me has become my home.
I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to a couple of people. No particular order.

  • Tannie Corinne and Oom Herkie: Thank you for giving me a home away from home.
  • Oom Jan and Tannie Tineke: Words cannot possibly express how thankful I am for all you have been doing. You are heroes.
  • Lizelle: For being such an awesome friend, allowing me in your space, and for the most awesome photos.
  • Marli: Vriendin…….!
  • Constance: Thank you for walking the road with me and being a friend whilst searching to become a woman after God’s heart.
  • Ilze: O my hat I would have missed out without you. I will never forget the cat in the kitchen drawer, the wet chemical engineering book, or the precious heart-to-heart times.
  • Esté: Thank you for deciding to like me, and then becoming my best friend. You are so beautiful. Your pure heart amazes me.
  • Shofar Christian Church for teaching me SO much about the things of God. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the excellent teaching, paired with relationships, that I got over the past years.
  • Dieter: I didn’t like you at first, because you were German speaking. Thank you for sticking it out and becoming such an awesome brother.
  • Wiehann: Thank you for shaping my character.
  • Hein: Thank you for rollerblading in the pouring rain, and for encouraging me to never give up.
  • Barry: Thank you for ice cream on the beach in wind and rain. And thank you for being the most awesome dancer. You have taught me a lesson or two on trust.
  • My social work lecturers: Each one of you taught me something about having a heart for people. Each one of you amazes me.
  • Deryck: The passion for what you are doing really inspired me.
  • Cameron: Thank you for the most painful, yet very best high fives. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life, to laugh with you and to cry with you.
  • Helmut: Thank you for enriching my life with your beautiful, beautiful music.
  • Gibby and James: Thank you for teaching me so much about worship.
  • The Smith’s: I have learnt so much from you…
  • Anjé: You are such a blessing.
  • Picture Works Stellenbosch: Thank you for the discount.
  • Colyn: In you, I have seen real greatness. I get excited about where God is taking you.
  • Dirk: Through you I learned that God sees the desires of my heart and wants to fulfill them far beyond expectation. Thank you for being an awesome blind date.
  • Graham: Thank you for teaching me how to climb. Not just physically.
  • Gustav: Thank you for your encouragement.
  • Wil: Thank you for all the photography tips.
  • All the kiddies that play in the streets and wave and smile at me: You make my days and remind me of why I’m going what I’m doing.
  • To everyone who hasn’t been mentioned by name: You still mean the world to me.

This is a photo-less post, as I cannot possibly express six years in a couple of pixels.