If you have been following my blog right from the start, then you might know that I am currently studying at Stellenbosch Academy. I am doing the one-year-programme in commercial photography. During fourth term, we had to shoot our general portfolio. Every picture you see below has a brief behind it that I had to interpret.


1) Proudly South African Portrait using studio lighting (thank you Brian for modelling and thank you Smith family for a lovely braai!)


2) Reflective Surfaces: A series of three pictures showing the reflectivity of a specific medium.

3) Lifestyle: A double page spread for a magazine – a big picture on the one side, and four or more items that fit in on the other side. Thank you Marlene for allowing me into your home!

4) A number of “best” pictures taken during the year

             1. an interior (thank you Labri Manor)

             2. HDR

5) Painting with Light / Flash / Movement: A picture that shows flash and movement. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more, so I posted two. Thank you Gustav for modelling!

6) Hair: A portrait taken with two or more studio lights to emphasize the hair. A product taken with studio lighting arranged on the opposite page. Thank you Nyary for modelling!

7) Free Choice: Any picture with any amount of photoshop that shows all my creativity.

8.) Specialized Portfolio: I am just posting two more flower images. These were taken using studio lighting.