Maria is a warm hearted, curious, adventurous, trilingual, quiet, deep-thinking, outgoing, creative, friendly, hard working,
blue, turquoise and purple person.
She loves interacting with people, and she loves working on projects.
As social worker and art therapist, interesting projects are always sure
to come up.

Once upon a time, took its humble beginning as means to show a student photography portfolio to some lecturers and afterwards to the world.

Many plans and visions were involved: Creating memories for people by covering their wedding day or other social functions, creating pieces of art for printing and framing that seemed as if they had existed for a long time, amongst other things.

The years have passed, and now the planetmemories has  become a different type of project. This site or project isn’t about showcasing some portfolio anymore. It’s a reminder to live life to the fullest, and to create memories along the way.


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